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Real Estate Listings in Manzanita, OR

real estate Manzanita, ORThe most significant item of value we have to offer you is our experience & expertise. Anyone can find homes or property details, including price, size, location, amenities, etc. But much very vital information is not just a few clicks away. Flood maps, water rights, geologic hazards, deed restrictions, etc., are also available, but difficult to negotiate & interpret unless you know what you are doing.

We show & sell property from Astoria to Newport, and from the top of the Coast Range summit to our wild seething sea. We are the north Oregon Coast experts.

For you, our client, we focus on four words: Digital, Dynamism, Contacts & Team.

Digital--We help our clients utilize as many digital platforms as humanly possible.

Dynamism means always having a sense of urgency. Buyers do not want to lose the property of their dreams because their Realtor didn’t follow up fast enough. Sellers don’t want to lose a buyer for the same reason. Follow up & follow through are important, but doing so in an expeditious manner is more so. We have the ability to follow up within minutes of an initial contact.

Contacts are all about who we know. Knowing who is best to contact for loans, inspections, insurance, etc. is important, as is knowing what questions to ask.  That kind of specialized knowledge is why you want to work with a Pro.

Team is about being there for our clients. A team can be in two places at once. In addition, the sharing of ideas & energy enhances problem solving & increases enthusiasm.

Why do you need a Pro? The Coast is a wild place. That is a large part of its attraction. However, a real estate purchase here can be risky. Resource zoning restricts building a home on a large area of the coast. Geological hazards can mean a home can literally slide off its foundation. Fire protection districts have distinct boundaries, and fire crews will not fight fires in homes outside those boundaries.

Beach dunes can literally bury homes here, and floods can inundate buildings with several feet of water, leaving behind mud & toxins. Property lines can be several feet from where they appear to be.

While your job is to find the property you love, our job is to help you invest wisely. We’ll identify issues & potential problems and proactively address them with you.

Or if your job is to sell your property so you can move on, we’ll help you put all the pieces in place (price, product, promotion) so that you meet your transition goals.

Let us guide you through the wild so you can enjoy the beauty & magic without any worry.

The Coast Pros Team
The Coast Pros Team
Principal Broker & Broker
P.O. Box 1315 36505 Hwy 101 N Manzanita OR 97130
Let us help you!